Get Up Close and Personal: Gulfarium’s Diverse Animal Encounters

family touching a dolphin

Discover Dolphins

Get up close and personal with our dolphin pod during this exhilarating experience.

You will have the opportunity to feed, touch, and learn about the dolphins we have here at the Gulfarium. You will also learn about the dolphins that live right here in the Gulf of Mexico and why it is so important to protect this species.

Dolphin Doodle

Let your creative side go wild as you team up with one of our talented dolphin artists to create a one-of-a-kind work of art!

You choose the colors, hold the canvas, and leave the rest up to your new finned friend! This dockside encounter includes an opportunity to touch and feed a dolphin.

Dolphin Star

Take the stage during one of our dolphin presentations at Dolphin Theater and train alongside one of our Marine Mammal Trainers!

During this experience, you will touch, feed, and learn all about our Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Come prepared because you’ll probably get a little wet!

Discover Gators

Touch and hold! Venture into Fort Gator to meet our two adult American Alligators, Brutus, our 500-pound, 11-foot male, and Glades, our 7-foot, 190-pound female.

You’ll get to learn all about these modern-day dinosaurs and how they are important to our ecosystem here in Florida. During the Spring and Summer, guests even get the opportunity to feed them! Next you will have the opportunity to meet and touch a baby American alligator and learn about their journey in the wild and the habits they exhibit while they are this small.

Reptile Safari

Learn about our cold-blooded friends. Go on a journey with one of our expert aquarists.

Discover three different reptile species! You will have the opportunity to see, touch, and learn about three different types of reptiles that could include snakes, tortoises, turtles, lizards, or alligators.

Discover Stingrays

Get to know our stingrays. Come learn more about these fascinating animals during the Discover Stingrays program.

Stingrays belong to the Elasmobranch family, along with sharks and skates. Did you know stingrays have no bones in their bodies and their bones are made up of a flexible cartilage? Additionally, their eyes are found on the top side of their body, and mouth and gills underneath. This is a great alternative to Stingray Bay Snorkel if you or your family want to stay dry while learning about our rays!

Discover Turtles

Learn about our two male tortoises, Squirt and Tractor, and all the remarkable things about them and their species!

We will begin with a brief overview of the C.A.R.E. Center to learn all about what it takes to rehabilitate a sick or injured wild sea turtle. There, you’ll also get to learn some of the stories of our current sea turtle patients. To continue our time together you’ll get to meet and feed our African spurred tortoises.
two people petting a penguin held by an employee

Discover Penguins

Penguins in Florida? African black footed penguins are an endangered species of penguins native to southern Africa.

During this program, guests have the opportunities to touch and feed our African black-footed penguins (although, they aren’t necessarily always hungry!) while learning about our penguin colony.
family touching a harbor seal

Discover Harbor Seals

Harbor seals can be found along the coastlines of Alaska and the eastern and western coastlines of the United States.

Unlike sea lions, harbor seals have a fused pelvic bone preventing them from moving their pelvis under their hip bone to walk on land. Instead, you will see them galumphing, or undulating their bodies to move across land. Harbor seals are known for their gentle and playful nature and we can’t wait to introduce you to a member of our harbor seal family.

Discover Stingray Bay

Grab your snorkel gear and dive into the world under the sea!

You’ll see cownose rays, southern stingrays, a grouper, small sharks, and other vibrant fish species while swimming around Stingray Bay. How many species will you spot?

Discover Sea Lions

Enjoy meeting a sea lion during your visit at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park!

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a training session alongside our marine mammal trainers, feed the sea lions, and learn more about this species and their wild counterparts. This unique experience is one you will never forget!

VIP Trainer

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an animal care specialist at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park?

As a VIP Trainer, you can enjoy a hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience like no other! Working side-by-side with our trainers and aquarists, you’ll learn and practice all it takes to train and care for all of our marine animal residents!

Mystery Adventure

Join us for an exclusive, after-hours private guided park tour with a mystery animal meet and greet and complimentary beverage.

Guests in the Mystery Adventure will discover the animal species for their meet and greet 24 hours prior to their adventure.