The Gulfarium’s C.A.R.E. Center successfully released nine rehabilitated sea turtles on Tuesday morning, July 13, 2021 at Inlet Beach, Florida.

It was a cloudy but beautiful morning as the Gulfarium C.A.R.E. Center released its recent sea turtle patients consisting of three different species of turtle, including four Loggerhead sea turtles, three Green sea turtles, and two Kemps Ridley sea turtles. It was the second public-invited release in over a year due to COVID-19, “We had a large group of rehabilitated sea turtles going out this morning. Although the release site, Inlet Beach, was a bit farther away from our home base than the last release, we still had a good crowd of spectators. Sharing these moments with our supporters will never get old and is a rewarding part of what we do here at the CARE Center – public awareness, education, and involvement” states Patrick Berry, Director of the Gulfarium CARE Center.

Nine turtles total, ranging in weight from 7.5 – 189 lbs. were among those released today after successful rehabilitations at the Center. Once again, the common ailment with these turtles was being accidentally hooked at nearby fishing piers and additional hook and entanglement removal procedures. “We were happy to see that Jaime, an adult female Loggerhead weighing in at 189 lbs. needed just a short stay with us, as she is of breeding age, so getting her back out into the Gulf of Mexico to potentially mate and lay a nest is what makes our efforts come full circle” states Tabitha Siegfried, Stranding Coordinator at the Gulfarium CARE Center. The team at the Gulfarium CARE Center expect this season to continue to be a busy one for sea turtle rescue, rehabilitation, and release.